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Valentine's Day Gift by Lady-Buffy
Valentine's Day Gift
Warren Worthington III, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock (c) Marvel
art (c) me

She's sitting on a bench out the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She's just waiting a taxi, while she senses with her telephatic abilities a familiar mind getting closer. "Not him, please", she prays in her mind, closing her eyes. She could easily influence him to not go near her, but she doesn't want to do it because it would be unfair. Suddenly she listens to his voice.
- Good morning, Miss Braddock.
Then she opens her eyes, seeing him.
- Warren...
Psylocke knows he's not "her" Warren. The man she's looking at is just
a new being inhabiting his body. She knows it, because she killed Warren with the life seed. She sensed his mind dying after the illusion she made for him.
- Can I talk with you, Miss Braddock??
Her Warren always called her with some nickname, as "Betsy" or "Betts". She's missing those kind simple words said by that voice...
- Of course, you can.
Looking better at him, she can notice he seems to hide something behind his back, under his metallic wings.
- Well...
He's getting sheepish. "He's so different from my Warren, even if their body is the same".
- ... I read a lot about you, in our databases.
She's getting afraid.
- Why did you do such a thing??
Does he know?? Does he know she killed him?? Does he know they were in a team of assassins??
- I wanted to know something about you.
- What?? And why??
- In these days, I see a lot of people kissing. You know, because of Valentine's day... Then I wanted to know who you are, what you like, for a gift.
- A gift??
- A gift, just a present.
- Why did you want to give me a present??
- Well, when I was walking in a desert of snow, you came to me from nowhere and kissed me.
"The last time I felt safe, the last time I thought everything could go fine", she thinks. She reminds that event. She found him walking alone in the middle of a storm of snow and she kissed him. Until he broke the kiss, putting her away, asking her who she was. It's been like a knife in her heart. Her humanity, her hopes, died that night, with him.
- So I tried to find some informations about you. But in our databases I found just that you're an excellent ninja and a telepath. Then I found in one of my many personal computers some photographs of you and me. I don't remember when we did those photo. I don't remember anything about my past... We looked happy together in those images, very happy. I don't know if we were just friends or something more... I don't remember it because of my mind, of my memory... But the fact that you kissed me made me think that maybe you were in love with me. Then to not break your innocent heart...
"Innocent heart"?? She hadn't an innocent heart it from so many years.
- ... I wanted to give something to you for this strange festivity!! Even if it's not that day yet!! But I didn't know if you'll come back here for the 14th February, so, here you are!!
Then he hands her a red thing.
- Do you like chocolate?? I hope you will!!
A "heart-like" box of chocolates. She doesn't know what she can do.
- Take it!!
- I...
- Don't you like it?? Or chocolate??
- I like chocolate and I like this.
Psylocke takes the box of chocolate, looking at him, at those eyes she loved, loves and will always love.
- Thank you.
He smiles at her.
- You're welcome, Elizabeth!!
His cheeks turn red again, noticing she holds her breath for a while.
- Can... Can I call you "Elizabeth", can't I??
- Yes, you... You can.
- Oh, it's a good thing!! I'd like we'll be friends!! However, now I have to go. There's a lesson with Professor McCoy!! See you around!!
- Bye...
He starts to fly.
- You know... You should smile a little more!! You looks even more beautiful when you smile.
She looks at him, surprised
- How do you know that??
- Our photographs... Have a nice day, Elizabeth!!
Then he flies away, leaving a wordless Betsy behind him.

Hi guys =) how are you?? Did you miss me?? Let me talk about this deviation!! It's about Psylocke and Angel. Did you ever read the Dark Angel Saga?? According to me, it is one of the best saga of these years. However, in that story, Psylocke had to kill Warren because he had become the new Apocalypse. But, after killing him, she found him alive but memoryless!! After those facts, X-Force left this new Warren at the school led by Wolverine. It seems that she never wanted to meet Warren again. But I hope some authors can write about Psylocke having to work with Angel. I didn't like this thing: Betsy was in love with Warren, why did she never wanted to visit him again?? She left him there, in that school... And nothing more. It's unfair!! So, here I drew a possible meeting between these two characters. I have to confess that I'm very tired of seeing Psylocke be frozen and having random sex with anyone in comics. Fantomex, Fantomex copy, Cable, etc. etc. ... It's a shame for her character!!
By the way, I decided to submit this deviation today because I don't know if I've found time to do it next week!! I finished this drawing today, so here we are =D I described a different Angel, a bit too much childish maybe, but I couldn't describe an Angel like the old one... I hope I will draw something new soon. I have so many ideas about Gambit and the X-Men and about the Naruto-verse (Sai and Temari, of course =D ) but I have to find time to put my ideas on paper!!
However, let me know what you think about this deviation or about Warren or about Betsy =) I hope you'll like it!!
It's Not Enough by Lady-Buffy
It's Not Enough
Gambit, Rogue (c) Marvel
art (c) me

<<- But... I love you.
- You're honest with the people you love, Gambit. Otherwise... It's a gamble.>>

This dialogue is from Uncanny X-Men 350, if I'm not wrong.
However, I hated what Rogue did in that comic. She left Gambit in the Antarctic, alone, after he told her that he loved her. Earlier she told him that they could get over anything, and then she left him... What's wrong with her?? Yeah, I know that in the comics it seems that she "absorbed" his feeling guilty or something like that... But it was a bad action. She left him dying in there. She left him after all she said and after all he said. I hated her in that part. Because it means that love is not always enough.
By the way, let me know what you think about it.
The title is the opposite of the one that I chose for an old deviation on them (one of the first drawings I made about them) :…
P.S.: does anyone know if the movie on Gambit with Channing Tatum is confirmed for October of the next year??
Walking Together by Lady-Buffy
Walking Together
Sai, Temari (c) Masashi Kishimoto
art (c) me

She's walking alone in Konoha's forest. It's full of green, full of trees, full of leaves. Everything is so different from Suna. Suna is like a calm desert. Konoha seems a big alive tree. And she's getting used to all this green.
- Temari!!
She's getting used to all this.
- Sai.
And she likes it.
- Hi. What are you doing here??
- Nothing that matters. And you??
- I'm going to the library.
She smiles, ironically.
- And this?? Is one of your strange books??
- No. It is about Art and I'd like to find another book like this.
- Art!! Right!! You told me you like drawing.
Sai smiles, noticing she remembers that detail about him. He read that if a person remembers details of you, you're important to her.
- Yes... Do you have to do anything??
- No, I don't. I'm just walking.
- Do you mind if I walk with you?? Or do you want to walk alone??
- I don't have to walk alone necessary. If you want, you can walk with me.
- Ok.
Then they start walking together. After some minutes of silence, Temari notices Sai's looking at her, smiling.
- What??
- Mmh??
- Why are you looking at me that way?? What's wrong??
- There should be anything wrong if I just look at you??
She's a bit confused.
- No... But I'm feeling like you're studying me.
- I'm doing it.
- What?? Why are you doing such a stupid thing??
- Why is it stupid?? However, I look at your hair.
- What's wrong with it??
- It's different from hair of Konoha's girl. Your hair is strange.
She laughs.
- I'll take it as a compliment!!
- It is. Your hair is strange but peculiar, special. It looks nice on you, with your eyes. Pretty.
Her cheeks turn a bit red.
- Well... Thank you then...
- You're welcome.
Keep on walking, he starts thinking about something.
- Can I ask you a question??
- Of course.
- Can I kiss you??
Temari chuckles, knowing that he wanted to ask that.
- Sai, why do you want to kiss me??
- You've got nice lips. They're soft. Additionally, when you kissed me you touched my hair. I'd like to try the same.
- You won't kiss me, Sai. That time... I did a mistake. I didn't have to kiss you. I was just mad at you and I wanted to distract you making you fall. That was the first thing I thought to do.
- So, don't you like that?? Is it about my lips?? Aren't they good?? Are they frozen?? People say I'm cold-hearted.
She doesn't know what to say.
- You... I... It's not about your lips. They are good...
His lips are warm. Strangely warm. She didn't expected that. And she liked that warm on her lips.
-... By the way, it was just a good kiss, nothing more. You should kiss the girl you'll like, Sai, the girl you want to be with.
He wants to be with her... He feels so calm with her. He feels "right" when she's closed to him. But he can't say all these things to her: firstly, he have to understand why he feels this way.
- Right...
- It was just a mistake.
- Right. When is it not a mistake??
- When you know that the other person wants the same that you want. When you like her and she likes you. When you don't need to ask anything, because you know, you feel that it is the right moment for a kiss.
- How will I recognize the right moment??
- You'll just feel it.
Then he smiles at her.
- It's nice talking with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.
She smiles back.
- No problem. You're not too bad to talk with.
And they keep on talking, exchange their opinions about everything, keeping on walking together.

Hi guys =) this is a simple SaiTema, but I wanted to do something simple about them, where they can talk about simple things and about their first kiss. If you'll keep on watching my future deviations about this crack pairing, you'll understand why!! I know it's a bit strange this thing that I'm doing; I'm describing old moments about them that happened before what I wrote/drew in other drawings... But I feel like I have to explain these little things that I didn't describe before. I hope you'll not be confused by all this...
... And I know that they're not canon!! I know that Shikatema and SaiIno are canon. But I don't care... Sorry =D
Not A Monster by Lady-Buffy
Not A Monster
Kurt Wagner "Nightcrawler" (c) Marvel
art (c) me

I drew it today. I needed to draw something, anything!! Do you know what I mean?? Do you know this feeling?? The need to draw... Well, today the need to draw anything was unstoppable... So, here we go!! Kurt =) our favourite blue elf =D in these days I was thinking about Kurt and his kind behaviour... Yes, despite his look, he's always been a gentle person. This is the reason why I decided to use that title for this drawing!! However, I like reading comics about him. And I'm happy that he's alive again!! I really like him; he's a friend of every mutant in the X-verse: Colossus, Storm, Rogue, Wolverine(when he was alive), Kitty Pryde and so many others!! I used the same "atmosphere" of this my old drawing about Kurt:…
I don't really know why... Maybe because in these days I was watching a music video where there was so much smoke everywhere :P
By the way, let me know what you think about him or what you think about this drawing ;) it's full of mistakes, but I hope you will appreciate it anyway!!
Back In Town by Lady-Buffy
Back In Town
Gambit (c) Marvel
art (c) me

Like you could notice from the previous deviations, I'm "back in town" :P did you miss?? =D however, I chose this title for this drawing even if Remy here seems being walking in his town after a party. But do you remember I did another drawing about him called exactly "After The Party"?? I hope you'll remember it. Otherwise here it is:…
So, I didn't want to choose a title too much similar to that. Another reason why I chose this title is that I was singing softly a song where the chorus says those three words ("when you're back in town" or something like this). I was thinking about something about "lighting a cigarette", but considering that his cigaretta here is very small, well, I thought it was not right using a title like that. Maybe in the future I will do another elegant Remy lighting a cigarette where this is more visible.
However, do you like this Remy?? I hope you all will!! I missed drawing him, drawing his hair :lol: I drew him in the last three days (I even did a very cool version of it manipulated with my scanner that I won't submit because I don't think it would be "fair", I don't know if you understand what I mean :P ). I know, he didn't seem Channing Tatum, who will be Gambit in his solo movie. But I wanted to draw my-mind-version of Remy. And if you look at it carefully, I didn't "clear" it too much because I like that effect of the pencil. By the way, let me know what you think about this drawing!! I'd like reading your comments about it =)


  • Listening to: Cinema Bizarre, american music and italian singers
  • Reading: going to read X-Men comics, TVD and Castle's books
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Hi guys =)
how are you?? I'm writing this journal because, like you can read in the title, tomorrow I'm going on vacations. This means that I wouldn't be able to submit or comment anything until September comes... I'm sorry that I didn't submit anything from months. But I had to study. I know studying isn't the only important thing of a human being's life, but it is important to me and I have to study for me, for my future. And you have probably noticed that the last deviations I submitted weren't with a story written by me. Well, I have had some problems with writing something good in the last few months. But now I've got a lot of ideas for new "drawing+story" works, like I was used to do in the past. I hope you'll wait for me and for my possible new deviations. I'm writing "possible" deviations because I hope I will draw something new... But this is not a certain thing. In this month I have to do a lot of things!! I have to read 4 books and several comics!! I haven't read them in these months because I, obviously, had to study; so I'd like reading them in August. And maybe I will study... I'm not sure about this last thing. I think that maybe I should just relax myself and find time for doing other things, like drawing anything!! I miss drawing; it is still an important part of my life, even if it is just a simple hobby. But in this last year I haven't had enough time for it. And I'm sorry about this. Without drawing, I noticed that I get easily stressed. So, I hope I will relax myself and that I will be able to do new drawings, like one of my old and loved Saitema's or Romy's works!! I've got a lot of ideas in my mind for these two pairings; I have to find time to put these ideas on paper... Maybe I'd feel better, calmer and more peaceful... However, I hope you all will have a nice summer =)
See you around =D or better, see you in September =)
Love, your dear Lady-Buffy =)

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