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Look At Me by Lady-Buffy
Look At Me
art (c) me

Here we go again =D Mario Gomez!! The last time I drew him was in October, I think. Then, in these days, I've thought about drawing him again ;) I found a small photo of him months ago that I've always wanted to draw. So, I did it, even if I changed something about that photo (it was too small, I used my mind for some details)... Honestly, I should say that this is my third attempt in drawing such a picture... In the first one (a week ago, more or less) I ruined it using a bad paintbrush which devastated its colors =( in the second one (that I did yesterday) I did a mistake about the point of view :O :O I really don't know how I did such a mistake!! So, here we are with a good last attempt, finally =D I know, you can't appreciate its colors decently... But, using my scanner, it would have turned out too much "pale"; then, I decided to take a picture of my drawing (using no flash, obviously). I'm sorry about that... However, I have to say that I'm very happy that Mario started scoring again :heart: he's an amazing football player, an amazing striker =) maybe someday he'll see all my drawings about him... Maybe... Even if I seriously doubt about it :XD: did I tell you that I like drawing his so many nevi?? =D by the way, let me know what you think about this drawing =)
Its title is a cool sentence; so, it can be good for a cool and beautiful man as Mario ;) its title is also an innocent request by me: yeah, I really, really hope I'll meet him someday =D
After The Storm by Lady-Buffy
After The Storm
Kate Beckett (c) Andrew W. Marlowe
art (c) me

I borrowed Richard Castle's muse =D you know, I already drew her, some months ago... But this drawing is the first serious attempt in drawing her, just her: Detective Katherine Beckett *_* she's played by that awesome actress known as Stana Katic =D well, what can I say?? I really like this character =) she's one of my favourites of a tv show!! And she's so difficult to draw!! Even if I should say that this attempt is a long way better than the old one... Of course, this is not perfect!! There are some mistakes, a lot of mistakes... But I like it, even if I don't know why =D I hope you'll like it too =) let me know what you think about it!! However, this is based on Beckett from "After the storm", the first episode of the fifth season, when Beckett and Castle wake up together =)
Can't Stop Loving Each Other by Lady-Buffy
Can't Stop Loving Each Other
Gambit, Rogue (c) Marvel
art (c) me

Remy LeBeau is not a perfect person. He's always known it. He's neither a real hero nor a real bad guy. He doesn't know what, who he is really. He's a teacher for young mutants but the new leader of the Thieves Guild too. It's been a week from his new status. And he still has to get used to that... So, maybe a shower can help him to realize better who he is, what kind of man he is now. Taking off his shirt, his thoughts are suddenly interrupted by his doorbell. It's been just two days he's (again) missing from the JGS... Will he find the Wolverine behind his door?? He hopes he'll not...
- Logan, is it you, mon amì?? I'm sorry!! I knew I said-
Opening his door, he finds out that it is not Logan. "This is even worse" he's thinking.
- Chere...
Rogue is right there, in front of him.
- Can I come in?? Or am I interrupting anything??
- What are you...
Then he remembers he's shirtless.
- Je suis desolè!! I was going to take a shower, just this. So come in, come in!!
She gets in his apartment, avoiding his look. She doesn't look happy; she seems a bit tense.
- What can I do for you, Chere?? I'm sorry but I've got not so much drinks to offer...
- You died.
He looks at her, wordless. He doesn't see those words coming...
- Well...
- You died. Right in front of me.
- Oui, I remember...
- You were joking as always, then a bullet was in your head.
- Yeah, well, I'm honest when I say that I don't like too much that memory...
- Shut up...
- I've got better moments in my life than that one you're talking about, you should kn-
He notices she's called him "Remy". Usually, she does such a thing when she's serious. And when she's serious, it's better and safer doing what she says. Then, he shuts his mouth.
- Why... Why were you there?? What were you doing there??
- Sorry, Chere, I can't tell you more than what I told you just a week ago.
- I want answers.
- These are not your own business.
In a moment, she tries to hit him with some punch.
- ROGUE!! What are you doing, girl??
He tries shunning her punches. Then he decides to block her, holding tight her gloved hands, making her even angrier.
She's looking at him. Her eyes are furious, mad at him.
- You called ME. You told ME to help you. And NOW "THESE ARE NOT MY OWN BUSINESS"!?!? What's wrong with YOU??
- Chere, I thanked you... I thought we, you were okay with it.
- I'm NOT OKAY!! You acted like nothing happened!! YOU DIED!! And it seems you don't care about it!!
- I'm breathing!! I'm alive!! Why should I think about the fact I've been dead for just one minute??
- ... Why do you always have to be such an idiot??
Suddenly, her voice becomes low.
- Why do you suddenly have to be so selfish??
Selfish?? He did everything for her. He gave his best to her, but it was not enough...
- I'm not selfish, Rogue. I'm protecting you... Less you know, safer you'll be.
- Here we go again...
She stops trying to hit him but he's still holding her wrists.
- Like nothing's changed, non??
He grins, while Rogue has to fight to bring back her tears.
- Chere... I'm just a bit shocked by the fact that I died... But I'm really sorry because I died in front of you, while we were talking... It's not a thing a gentleman should do...
"... Dying in front of the love of his life", he thinks.
- It's not that...
- Then what??
- How... How could I be supposed to live in a world where you'd not exist??
He doesn't know what he should say. He haven't an answer for her question. So, he's going to do the only thing he's feeling the need to do. With his eyes, he searches for her look. Then, he kisses her. Like it's his most beautiful habit. Like he could always do this. In this moment, he's not thinking about her past with Magneto; he's not thinking about Joelle; he's not thinking about the Guild... He's just thinking of her, of her lips. How much did he missed her soft lips on his mouth?? They've always been his unique drug, she's always been his unique drug. The one and only. Then, he takes off her gloves, wanting to feel her, to feel her touch. He missed her. And, somehow he can feel that she missed him too. But, suddenly, she breaks their kiss, putting her bare hands on his chest.
- Remy, no... We should stop. We have to. We... It didn't work. It'll never work... We both know that... No matter our feelings...
- "Our"??
- No I... Please, Remy, please... I should not have come here...
- But you've come here...
- Please... I don't want to hurt you...
- Your powers are in control from months, aren't they??
- It isn't what I'm talking about and you know that...
He looks at her.
- Marie... Kiss me.
- Please, Remy... Please... Let me go before we...
- We what??
- We'll be not able to stop all this...
- I'm right now not able to do such a thing, Chere... I can't let you go. I don't want to do such a thing right now; I just did it in the past. It had been useless...
He caresses her cheek.
- I haven't stopped... I've never stopped...
- Remy, please, don't say th-
But he kisses her again, interrupting her request, not wanting to listen to her while she's asking to not say that he still loves her. Then she can't resist any longer: she clings to him, like she's afraid his life could vanish again in front of her. And he holds her closer to him, to his body, afraid she could leave him again. They both know they'll never work. But their hearts, their bodies, don't want to listen to their minds. No matter what they do with their lives, they can't stop loving each other.

So, here we are =D I'm sorry that I wasn't able to submit a new drawing before today. But you know, I have to study!! So, I hope you'll forgive me!! However, here we have a new Romy drawing :lol: you know, I've in my mind so many possible SaiTema's works (even if they'll never be canon, considering the fact that Temari has become a Nara and that Sai married Ino in the last cap of Naruto) but I read new bad comments (where I can't answer because who wrote those comments made me unable to reply) on some old Romy-works of mine... Then, here my reply ;) more Romy for everyone!! I hope this special reply is good enough for every user who made me unable to reply at their bad comments!! You know, I still doesn't understand why some people do such a thing... By the way, this drawing is supposed to be a meeting between Gambit and Rogue after Gambit #17. This comic has been available in Italy just some months ago. So, when I read it I was surprised by Remy becoming the new leader of the Thieves Guild... However, I hope you'll like this drawing and the story I wrote for it =) even if I did some mistakes... But, forgive me, I didn't draw anything from the last drawing I submitted here... And I'm sorry I haven't submitted anything for Christmas =( but I hope you've had a nice Christmas =) and tomorrow we will be in a new year... 2015... So, happy new year =) hoping it'll be a good year for you all!!
Just Mario by Lady-Buffy
Just Mario
art (c) me

you know, every n-months, I've to draw him :heart: Mario Gomez!! I really don't know why I am so obsessed with him!! Maybe because his face looks like Gambit's one in my mind... Sometimes I even used his face as a reference when I drew Gambit =D I don't know... But, 2 days ago, after I found a nice detailed photo of him, I felt like I needed to draw him. Maybe because I'm missing his goals... So I started it yesterday and I ended it today, some hour ago. I didn't know what kind of title I could use for this drawing... So, I use this very bad one =( however, I must say that I liked drawing his hair...And his nevi too :XD: and he's got a lot of nevi :O :O
By the way, I hope you will like it =) even if I don't like it too much :P honestly, I could have done it better!!
Not Alone Anymore by Lady-Buffy
Not Alone Anymore
Sai, Temari (c) Masashi Kishimoto
art (c) me

Temari is walking alone through Konoha's streets. This village is different from Suna. Suna is full of sand while Konoha is full of trees. There are tall trees as there are small ones. Exactly as the buldings. Tall buldings, small houses. Suddenly, she can see a familiar figure on top of one of those houses. This figure is walking on the roof and then sitting down. Then she keeps on walking, looking up at that figure. With some other steps, now she can recognize that person. He is the shinobi she's kissed some weeks ago, the last time she was in this village. She knew she could meet him again when she returned here. And now that she's looking at him, she's smiling. Sai. Such a strange boy. A nice one, of course, but he's very strange. She doesn't know anything about him. She doesn't know who he is, his clan, his past... Too many questions with no answers... But why has she got all these questions about him?? And, primarily, why had she kissed him?? They were talking, discussing, even arguing, and suddenly she kissed him. She's not understanding why she did such an impulsive thing, yet. She can remember the warm of his lips on hers... She can remember how he greeted her, his voice a bit amused... But looking at him now, he's got nothing about amusing. He's on that roof, sitting with an austere posture. He seems sad. Alone. Yes, he seems alone. Where are his teammates?? Why aren't they with him?? She climbs on a near house and then she jumps on that building. She stops just for an instant, standing, thinking that she knows nothing about him or about what is passing by him. Maybe he wants to be alone... But she wants to give it a try. Then, she starts walking, getting closer to him.
He is thinking about his teammates. They don't trust him yet. They don't consider him a true member of their team. He's still not a friend to them. Then, that evening he decided to leave them at Ichiraku's, trying maybe to find some inspiration for his drawing, somewhere. He's watching around, not finding the right inspiration for drawing. He's finding just loneliness. He's alone. He hasn't find someone who could treat him as a normal person yet. But suddenly he hears some noises behind him. Someone is walking towards him. Who could be?? Those steps are getting nearer and when he's seeming to recognize them, he can smell a special perfume. He's got no doubts anymore. Temari. What is she doing here?? When did she arrive here, in Konoha?? While he's asking these questions in his mind, she sits down near him. The last time they've met, she kissed him. Does she want to kiss him tonight?? He's read so many books about feelings and relationships in the weeks following that event. But he hasn't find a right definition of their relationship or of his feelings yet. He just knows that he liked feeling her lips on his mouth. It was a strange sensation but a good one too. He'd never kissed someone until that moment. And now he doesn't know what he should do. Should he greet her?? Should he say anything?? Not knowing what to do, he chooses to stay in silence. They're not talking. They're not looking at each other neither. But suddenly she talks.
- Am I disturbing you??
- No, you are not.
- Fine.
Silence, again. But this time it lasts not so much.
- When did you come to Konoha??
- Two days ago.
- I haven't seen you around.
- Well, I had to work on something with your Hokage.
- Oh... And when will you leave??
She laughs bitterly.
- Am I bothering you??
Then he looks at her.
- No, you aren't... Maybe I've expressed badly what I wanted to know from you.
- Just a bit.
- I am sorry, Temari.
- Don't worry.
- I'm not so good to socialize.
She smiles.
- I noticed it from the first time we met... You should improve. Maybe you have to practice.
- I don't know how I could do it.
- Talk. Just talk, Sai. Talk with people.
- I've read that it is useful talking in the mirror.
- It's not the same thing. In the mirror you're talking to yourself. You should talk to someone else.
He doesn't say nothing, thoughtful, looking in front of him. Then she looks at him.
- What's wrong??
- Nothing, I was just thinking...
- About...??
- I don't know who could want to listen to me. I don't think that someone would be pleased to talk with me.
She smiles.
- I would.
He turns on her, looking at her smile.
- What??
- I'm saying that I'd be pleased to talk with you.
- Oh... Ok.
Then, she looks at the sky.
- It's a nice night...
- Can I kiss you??
- What?? NO!!
- Why?? You kissed me the last time we met.
- It was a different moment.
- But you've just said that this is a nice night... You seemed romantic. When a woman starts talking about the sky she's always sentimental. I've read it in my books.
- What kind of books do you read!?!?!?!? I was just talking!! I didn't wanted to be romantic or sentimental!!
- Oh... Ok...
Then he looks at the sky too.
- ... However, the moon is beautiful tonight.
- Are you getting romantic now??
- No. I'm talking from an artistical point of view.
- Artistical??
- Yes. Artistical. This moon could be a nice inspiration for a drawing of mine.
- Are you an artist??
- I don't know, but I draw a lot.
- Wow... I didn't know you were an artist. Or that you like drawing.
- You never asked.
- True...
- Is this a right moment??
- A right moment for what??
- For kissing you.
She laughs.
- Of course no!! You will not kiss me tonight!!
- Ok... And tomorrow??
She keeps on laughing.
- You're crazy!!
- And is it bad??
- ... No, at the moment it is not a bad thing.
- Mmmmm, ok, then I'm happy to be crazy.
- Good to you.
Then they watch the moon together, smiling at it and keeping on talking about them and their lives. According to Sai, being with Temari is nice, even if she doesn't want to kiss him or to be kissed by him. He should find a nickname to give her. He read somewhere in a book that giving somebody a nickname would bring you closer to that person. And he wants to be closer to her because it is nice to be near her, to talk to her, to hear her talking to him, to enjoy her laughing, to see her lit by the moonlight... And he's feeling not alone anymore.

Hi guys =) here my new SaiTema work =) this is one of my strange experiments about coloring... We can see Sai and Temari in Smurfs-version or in their Avatar-version =D oh my... I've hoped they could have turned out better :P by the way, I really like how I drew Temari here =) she turned out not so bad, didn't she?? ;) however... Let me say that it seems that my inspiration is finally truly back =) this is a deviation deeper than the last two I had submitted =D I hope you'll like it =) let me know what you think about it or about the story I wrote for it!! Am I back with my old stuff?? =D =)


  • Listening to: Cinema Bizarre, Linkin Park and italian singers
  • Reading: going to read Heat Wave and a new TVD
  • Watching: Buffy, Angel, X-Men, Private Practice, GA, Castle
  • Playing: PES, GTA, Resident Evil
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: only water
Hi guys =)
Like every summer, I'll go on my vacation ;) it means that I'll probably be unable to submit anything until September... During these holydays, I hope I'll be able to relax myself, my mind and my body... I need it. I need it because I'm really stressed. There are so many things I should think about... The study, the future and other very important things... I have this kind of artistic block (maybe because of all this stress) too, that is not helping me; honestly, it's making me a bit embittered. I hope I'll find a way to draw something new, something good, maybe about my dear SaiTema or about other characters or other pairings =) we'll find it out when I'll be back =D so, don't be afraid if I won't comment some of your works or if I won't reply to your comments. I'll do everything in September ;) what else can I say now?? =D well, I hope you will have a nice summer =)
See you in September ;)
Love, your dear Lady-Buffy =)

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